Swimming teacher wins iPad with RAPs


Throughout December last year some of you may remember we ran a competition for the chance to win an iPad for those who renewed their membership with RAPs. 

We are delighted to announce that swimming teacher Clare Bryant was our winner. We’d also like to thank Clare for renewing her membership!

We thought we’d have a quick catch-up with Clare to find out a bit more about her and why she wanted to join RAPs.

So Clare tell us a bit about your career, how long have you been involved in swimming teaching?

I originally started to swim seriously at the age of 11 on the recommendation of my GP. I had various physical problems, including asthma and problems with my legs and feet, which made other sports unsuitable for me. I then gave up swimming aged 16 and only swam occasionally.

What would you say inspired you to become a swimming teacher? 

At the age of 35 my husband had a serious back injury and the physiotherapy required involved me taking him to the pool daily. I took up assisting in a local club and gaining my teaching qualifications as it fitted in with my family. I have been running my own swim school for eleven years now.

Why did you want to join RAPs?

I heard about RAPs via email and wanted to join as I believe we need a more coordinated approach to aquatic teaching and coaching.

As a swimming teacher, what benefits do you think RAPs will bring to the industry?

I hope that RAPS will enable a more synchronised and coordinated approach to the teaching of all aquatic disciplines, and enable best practice and new ideas to be filtered through to the front line of teaching in a more ordered and efficient manner, so that the next generation of learners, participants and champions have the best opportunities as soon as possible.

How do you think RAPs will impact the aquatics industry? 

I think it will make the industry and qualifications easier to understand and make it easier to have an overall standard of qualifications.

What would you say about RAPs to someone who hasn’t heard of it?

I would say, read about it and think about where you are going in the future.

Why do think it’s important for people like yourself to be on the Register?

I think joining the Register is really important as it is a way of keeping up to date and getting information.

What would advice would you give to anyone who is contemplating being on the Register?

My advice would be ‘go for it’; you have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

And finally who would you say is your sporting hero?

My sporting hero, is a client of mine, Graham who used to be a professional athlete, had a stroke which left him with paralysis down one side and has managed to relearn how to swim and walk and is a constant source of inspiration with his determination and perseverance and can do attitude.

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