Pools prove as popular as gym floors in January

Credit: the Guardian

Image credit: the Guardian

As we pass the half way point in January, we are starting to see people have their first cigarette of the year, maybe enjoy their first drink, or push back that exercise they had scheduled in for this evening.

However, we must not discredit those who have stuck to their word in 2014.

It’s not just been gyms floor and Pilates studios that have seen a rise in numbers this month. Things have been no different in swimming pools up and down the country, as more people look to swimming as an option to get fit and healthy.

An option that doesn’t seem quite as intimidating as a weights room, swimming really is something for everyone, offering the health benefits only exercise can bring. Not only does swimming cover the ‘exercise’ resolution, but we also see it fall under the ‘new skill’ category.

YMCA Club acknowledged there was a significant increase in use of the pool this month, commenting:

“Just like the gym, our pool sees a significant rise in recreational swimmers trying to get in shape for the New Year. It means that we’ve got to keep a closer eye on the swimmers during this period to make sure they are all keeping to the pool etiquette, swimming in the correct lanes and so on.”

Having to ensure newer swimmers are comfortable in the pool environment is just part of the job for YMCA Club.

“It’s always wonderful to see so many keen exercisers getting fit in our pool. To try to prevent the traditional tail off, we have specific programmes available for swimmers of all levels which we feel can help keep our swimmers motivated beyond the initial January surge.”

How have you found January? Has there been a surge in people taking to the pool in your area? Let us know in the comments section.


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