Fancy swimming in the wake of Champions?

aquatic centre

Following on from its dramatic transformation since London 2012, the London Aquatics Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will open up to the public, on the 1st March 2014.

Now managed by GLL, this world-class former Olympic venue will be home to two 50m swimming pools, a 25m diving pool, a state-of-the-art gym and an onsite crèche. This iconic venue will also play host to a number of National and International sporting events including the FINA/NVC Diving World Series, which takes place this April. 

Here’s what Peter Bundey, Deputy Managing Director, GLL, had to say:

“GLL are proud to be operating the London Aquatics Centre in partnership with London Legacy Development Corporation. The stunning venue hosts arguably the best swimming pools in the world and as a charitable social enterprise GLL are committed to ensuring there is a lasting legacy for London.

“From Monday 20th January further information will be available to customers on how to book activities and join the Centre ready for the venue opening in March 2014. We look forward to welcoming local communities into this iconic venue from March 2014.” 

In the mean time here are a few facts about the Aquatics Centre.  

• The three pools contain 10 million litres of water and are lined with 180,000 tiles.
• There are almost 600,000 tiles in the whole building. Paralympic swimmer Liz Johnson laid the last tile in April 2011.
• The Aquatics Centre’s spectacular wave-like roof is 160m long and up to 80m wide – giving it a longer single span than Heathrow Terminal 5. It rests on just three concrete supports.
• The aluminium roof is made up of 50% recycled content.
• The Aquatics Centre uses 32% less potable (drinking) water compared to other pools. This is achieved by using low flow fittings and recycling water.  

For more information about the Aquatics Centre please visit GLL’s website



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