RAPs welcomes IoS members


We would like to say a big welcome from all of us here at RAPs to all who have joined us from the IoS.

As an IoS member we are pleased to offer you the chance to join RAPs free of charge for the remainder of your current IoS membership. When your IoS membership is due to be renewed you will be eligible to renew your RAPs membership at the special rate of £15.

What is RAPs and why is it important?

With growing demand for professionalisation, RAPs offers the aquatic industry a united and industry wide platform to showcase the quality of those working in and around the wetside environment.  So whether you’re a lifeguard, a pool manager or anything in-between, RAPs certifies your professionalism and qualifications get the recognition they deserve.

RAPs also offers assurance to the public who use your services and gives employers an extra level of confidence that all RAPs members are appropriately qualified and have the competence to perform their specific roles.

Why RAPs?

As a member of the Register of Aquatic professionals you will receive a range of benefits including:

  • A competitive advantage in a challenging employment environment
  • Recognition in the industry as someone who is committed to continued professional development
  • Reassurance to your clients, parents and the public that you are qualified to perform your role
  • Discounts on leading high street and sporting brands, equipment, nutrition and more
  • Lively debates, discussions and interaction with fellow professionals through social media
  • Career advice from our registers team
  • Regular blogs, newsletters and magazines on the latest industry news from leading professionals.

We’re delighted to have you on board, and it’s great to see so many aquatic professionals shaping the industry.

For more information about RAPs please visit http://www.aquaticregister.org/

One thought on “RAPs welcomes IoS members

  1. I think RAPs needs to clarify that the ASA licensing scheme has been discontinued and why is the ASA’s Licensing scheme still being advertised and offered on their web site? John

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