Steve Parry introduces RAPs

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What a busy few months it’s been here it at RAPs HQ!

First of all we’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to all for joining the Register. Our progress would not be possible without your support!

Last month we had our official launch, hosted by Olympic medallist Steve Parry. Which took place at the Greenwich Leisure Ltd owned Oasis Sports Centre swimming pool. The launch was attended by both aquatic industry leaders and sport stars alike.

The event also included a Q&A panel session which saw David Sparkes OBE (ASA), Roger Millward (STA), Tara Dillon (IQL, the awarding arm of the RLSS) take questions from the floor, where key aquatic issues were addressed.

Here’s what Steve Parry had to say about the Register:

“The Register of Aquatic Professionals will go a long way to strengthen the credibility of the aquatic industry. We can be assured that those on this Register are fully qualified and hold the latest, relevant qualifications.”  

Steve continued:

“Ensuring there is quality and professionalism throughout this industry is a must, and I am delighted that the Register of Aquatic Professionals is actively addressing this major issue. Employers can now easily indentify the best qualified staff and can rest easy in the knowledge that those working in this industry are up to the task”.

Stuart Wilson, Sector Lead for RAPs, added:

“The launch event was a fantastic success and RAPs will give the guidance and confidence to parents that their chosen swimming instructors meet the relevant industry standards. Looking for private instructors can seem like a minefield at times but the process can be made easier by checking RAPs and seeking out accredited professionals.” 

Below is a short film of the launch day including interviews with our partners ASA, RLSS and STA .


One thought on “Steve Parry introduces RAPs

  1. I’m a level 2 swimming teacher, and I quite agree that all primary and secondary school children should be taught to swim. It’s all well and good saying that parents should ‘TOP UP’ school swimming lessons, but in reality, it is often the fact that parents can’t afford to pay for private swimming lessons, if they have more than 1 child in the family, and may even not be able to transport them to their local swimming pool.
    The government started a ‘free swim scheme’ throughout the country, certainly in Wales, a few years ago, but over the course of time, it has dwindled from being free every school holidays to only 1 day over the weekend, depending where you live. I think in some areas it might have even stopped now.
    Surely, if the government wants primary and secondary school children to be able to swim, they should not cut funding at all. They could help by giving MORE FREE SWIM SESSIONS to children at the leisure centres, give more funding to schools to provide the swimming lessons, as some schools perhaps do not offer swimming lessons in their curriculum. My son’s school does not provide swimming lessons, as a teacher had said ‘There is not enough time in the curriculum, there are no staff available to take the children to the pool (bearing in mind the pool is only approximately 1 mile away, within walking distance from the school) and yet we are surrounded by water!!!
    We can badger on and on and on, but really the government needs to do something radical. Perhaps some of the money that is used for people to give up smoking, should be allocated to helping children to swim, and then we would start to have a healthier nation. Help families to help their children, because lets face it, it all boils down to money at the end of the day.

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