RAPs welcomes the ASA’s ‘Get SAFE’ Campaign


As we draw closer to summer (sadly we can’t guarantee sunshine though) it’s really important that we highlight knowing how to stay safe whilst having fun in and around the water.

RAPs welcomes the ASA’s ‘Get SAFE’ campaign. Recent figures from the National Water Safety Forum and the Royal Life Saving Society suggest that on average one person drowns in the UK every 17 hours. Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death amongst children, with more than half of incidents occurring in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals.

It is for this reason that the ASA are launching the ‘Get Safe’ campaign, which aims to ensure young people know how to stay safe whilst having fun and are aware of the dangers posed by water.

The campaign aims to:

  • Highlight the importance of learning to swim
  • Boost knowledge and practice of water safety skills
  • Raise awareness that organised, supervised water based activity can be fun as well as being safe
  • Promote swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Offer a fun and memorable experience
  • Raise awareness of water safety for all children taking part and, by association their parents.

The ASA invites you to organise your own ‘Get Safe’ event. The first 300 to sign up online will receive a free ‘Get Safe’ resource pack, which will include;

  • A pool event guide with details about what, when and who should be invited
  • Posters to help promote your event
  • Certificates to reward young people attending your event. 

All events should promote the ‘SAFE’ code: to enjoy the water and stay SAFE.

S – Spot the dangers

A – Advice. Take advice

F – Friend. Always go with a friend, never alone

E – Emergency. Learn how to help in an emergency.

For more information on the ASA’s ‘Get Safe’ campaign click here.

Image Credit: www.swimming.org/asa



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