“Is your team ready to SwimBritain”

ImageMark Foster and Ellie Simmonds promoting the British Gas SwimBritain Campaign

Paralympic Gold Medallist Ellie Simmonds was a recent guest on the One Show. She spoke about a new and exciting challenge: to get Britons out of their armchairs and into the swimming pool. A new survey commissioned by the British Gas SwimBritain campaign reveals that 23% of Brits spend “115 days a year sitting down at work”.  However, “nearly 79% of those surveyed said they would like to live a more active life”.

“I’m shocked that so many people spend so much time sitting down, though most of them do say they’d like to be more active.  So I’m trying to encourage people to join the British Gas SwimBritain campaign and set themselves the challenge of swimming regularly” (Ellie stated).

The aim is to create a healthier nation and get half a million more people swimming regularly by 2015. What is the challenge about? It is about you and your friends and family being involved with nationwide team relays. The events will happen throughout September, and their aim is to improve Britain’s health and fitness and create a “great value training programme to support you on your swimming journey”.  You will receive a package that includes: quality in pool coaching, online training material, a place at a national event and 4,000m team challenge.

The locations and celebrities involved will be announced in May. You can register on the SwimBritain website to receive latest announcements and be ready to be the first to get involved.

The Register of Aquatic Professionals hope you will tell your friends and family and get your team ready to SwimBritain.

To visit the SwimBritain website follow this link. 
To read more about British Gas Survey Article follow this link. 
To watch Ellie Simmonds on the One show episode follow this link. 
Image credit: digitalnewsagency.com


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